Best practices checklist for ransomware defence

Ransomware is the fastest growing malware threat today. Uptime Group offers a best practice to defend you against ransomware and improve your overall security.

The checklist not only shows you how to reduce risks of ransomware, but also how to get immediate protection against attacks. Even more, it teaches you how to prevent malware from spreading.

Read the checklist below and see how secured you are or what could be better. We give advice on what to do to prevent an attack, what you can do during an attack, and how to resume after an attack.

Before an attack

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Conduct regular security awareness trainings

Be faster at discovering ransomware: conduct regular security awareness trainings which include the latest information on threats and tactics.

Perform ongoing risk assessments to identify any security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your organization

  • Carry out port and vulnerability scans at fixed intervals
  • Ensure that your patch management (the code changes you install and test on your computer system) is solid and timely
  • Disable vulnerable and unnecessary services
  • Enforce a strong authentication and verify the users and devices that access your system network
  • Centralize your security records

Invoke a new security architecture that is the best of its kind, with an integrated approach that is open, simple and automated

  • Use DNS (Domain Name System) layer protection
  • Enable automatic endpoint protection (including on mobile devices)
  • Enable email gateway security
  • Limit sideways attack movements
  • Enforce the principle of least privilege, only enabling access to the data and resources that are necessary
  • Regularly backup critical systems and data
  • Make and practice your incident response plan: create a strong policy on how to limit damage and recovery time after a security breach has occurred
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Quickly react and stick to your incident response plan

  • Activate your incident response plan
  • Communicate accurate information in time
  • Automatically share new security intelligence

After an attack

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Investigate and collect information on the attack

  • Resume your regular business operations
  • Collect and preserve evidence of the breach
  • Investigate forensic data and recover information on the attack
  • Perform analysis that shows you the root cause

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