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Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that protects your users against threats on the internet, wherever they go. By using the internet’s infrastructure, malware and other cyber threats are blocked even before a connection can be made. Cisco Umbrella’s security is more effective because it comes straight from the cloud:

  • Saves you money
  • Can be used in minutes
  • No hardware to install or software to maintain
  • A fast and reliable network
  • Resolves more than 100 billion DNS (Domain Name System) requests for more than 85 million people on a daily basis
  • No waiting period
  • Predictive live threat intelligence discovers and blocks bad-natured domains, IPs and URLs before they can attack


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Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella in a nutshell

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Cloud-delivered security


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Simple to use – set up in minutes


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Stops threats before a connection is made


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On and off network visibility


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Identifies infected devices


The advantages of Cisco Umbrella’s cloud-delivered security


hosting security

The simplest security you’ll ever use

Your entire company can use it in minutes. No need to install hardware nor manually update your software. The browser-based service provides a quick setup and ongoing management.


Protect your workforce wherever they access the internet

Umbrella provides security wherever the users are. This means that even when they are not in the office, but working from home or elsewhere, they are still visible for Umbrella. This provides insight into internet activity across all devices, over all ports, even when users are not on your corporate network. You can even keep the activity records forever.


Predictive intelligence stops threats before they attack

Umbrella sees threats and prevents them before they can attack. Learning from internet activity, it automatically identifies attacker infrastructure of current and emergent threats. The threat intelligence within Umbrella understands relationships between malware, domains, IPs and networks across the internet. The cloud platform also analyses data to identify patterns and anomalies, resulting in statistical models that improve predictability even more.

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Easily integrate the rest of your security appliances

Umbrella’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to integrate intelligence from other on-premises security appliances. This amplifies your protection and enriches the data in your threat intelligence platform.


Security at the DNS and IP layers

Umbrella uses DNS to stop malware, ransomware and phishing before they reach your endpoints or network. This enforces your DNS and IP layers. Infected devices are also detected faster, preventing connections to attackers’ servers. You can control call-back blocking and stop data exfiltration.

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Identify targeted attacks

Umbrella allows you to compare your blocked requests with global requests, in order for you to identify targeted attacks. Cisco Umbrella Investigate can then give you more information about the attacker’s infrastructure. You can learn more about the relationships between domains, IPs and malware.

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