Cloud Infrastructure

Uptime Elastix Infrastructure Cloud guarantees that your data is kept in Belgium

It allows both private and public cloud models. Its strategic localization optimizes network latency while permitting both Internet and MPLS access. Necessary dedicated equipment can be provisioned and colocated while mainstream public clouds are brokered to provide a complete solution.

Data centers

Uptime Elastix offering relies on two Tier3+ data centers located in Belgium, allowing all forms of redundancy scenarios.

Hosting services

The Infrastructure as a Service offering of Uptime Elastix covers the main virtualisation layers: VMWare, HyperV and Oracle VM. Various storage tiers and back up schemas are available.This is our typical scalable, elastic, self-service and pay-as-you-use IaaS value proposition. This can be complemented by a fully managed OS layer whether Windows or Linux-based.

Cloud brokerage

Uptime Elastix has established agreements with the main public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services and IBM Softlayer. The integration with these public clouds together with our service provider cloud and our on-premises experience is the foundation of a true hybrid cloud delivery model. The tools and service layers (monitoring, OS, Middleware and back up) of Uptime Elastix run above any of these four public clouds.