Uptime Elastix: our complete cloud service

Your road to the future starts today.

At Uptime Group, we know where you’re coming from. We advise on the destination in the cloud and most importantly, we take your luggage with us.


With the Elastix Cloud infrastructure we guarantee that data are kept in Belgium. It allows both private & public cloud models. Its strategic localisation optimizes network latency while permitting both Internet and MPLS access. Necessary dedicated equipment is provisioned and collocated while mainstream public clouds are brokered to provide a complete solution.

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Application specific

With the App-Specific cloud, we provide a set of mainstream Software as a Service cloud offerings. Such offerings are suitable for organizations that wish to shift e-mail, collaboration, document management, ERP or CRM to the cloud. They provide hassle-free flexibility across the entire application stack. Upon request they are supplied in the form of a private cloud and collocated with Elastixs Cloud Infrastructure for optimum network performance.

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Enablement services

Our enablement services provide the necessary support to safely and successfully on board deploy your cloud. The Fit4Cloud assessments verify application readiness and alignment with your specific security policies.

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