About us

We are a committed team of specialists providing you with cutting-edge infrastructure from a to z

It’s certainly not a coincidence that we include the word “team” in our mission statement. We are convinced that our strength lies in our teams of consultants and their experience and dedication to their work. Our well-developed know-how covers several different domains, each in which we strive to reach the highest level. We are driven by our passion for technology and our engagement to achieve the utmost in customer satisfaction. Our customer portfolio is composed of a wide-range of organisations, from SMB to multinational from both private and public sectors.

  • Flexible & no-nonsense

  • Cutting-edge knowledge

  • Passion & dedication

  • Different

  • Simplicity & comfort

  • Partnerships

Uptime Group was founded in 2001 as a daughter company of the Cronos Group. We are a 100% independent Belgian company. We stimulate the entrepreneurial mentality, where new initiatives are supported and spontaneously new nuclei are formed around certain techniques or IT aspects. Uptime Group is a privately run company with a long term vision. Customer satisfaction has our preference.

Uptime Group Competence Centers

The basic building blocks of Uptime Group are our ‘Competence Centers’, which were created in order to be actively involved and not to miss the power of innovation in different technology and market developments. The Competence Center’s main mission is to nurture critical knowledge to sustain our competitive advantage. The principal goal of our Competence Centers is to assist in the growth of customer satisfaction. Also the quality and profitability of “Solution Design” and ‘Solution Delivery’ in the relevant domains are achieved by:


  • improving in efficiency
  • developing skill growth plans based on business requirements
  • developing education programs, etc. to meet the skill requirements
  • ensuring consistency of methods, tools and procedures across the Competence Centers
  • driving the build-up and access to Intellectual Capital and providing pre-sales material


Uptime Group has many Competence Centers (Storage Technologies, Virtualization Experts, Cloud Computing, …): while each one offers a particular look at the customer problem at hand, together they are able to deliver end-to-end solutions, making Uptime Group your Single Point Of Contact (SPOC).

  • 3 Headed Giant
  • Arxus
  • B-BLUE
  • DC2B Data Cabling To Business
  • ePact
  • e-Square
  • Hestia
  • ICTinus
  • Interligo
  • Neoria
  • Smartify
  • Smartime
  • Tadisto
  • Unita
  • UptimeICT
  • Uvision